Day 2

After Sara and Michael eloped at Loveland Pass, we decided to take it easy. We were all super tired from the travel and the altitude wore us out more than we thought it would. After exploring Idaho Springs for the afternoon with dinner and shopping, we hopped on the Guanella Pass and just drove until couldn't anymore. On this drive we topped out at 11,669 feet and saw Mount Evans and Mount Bierstadt - two fourtneers that we could only imagine what the views look like from the top because there is absolutely no way I'd ever make it to the top! Let me just tell you though, it was FREEZING at the top of the pass. We were a little bummed out to only see a couple deer on the pass, and some horses at a ranch, but overall it was incredible.

Day 3

We spent the 4th of July in the Rocky Mountain National Park and it was literally the best day ever. Because of COVID we had to have reservations to enter the park, but it worked in our favor! There were others there of course, but the amount of people that were there compared to what we probably would've ran into had it been a normal Saturday, let alone 4th of July, it paid off in our favor. We drove Trailridge Road - a 48 mile road that takes you from the east side of the park in Estes Park to the west side in Grand Lake and wraps through the mountains and up into the tundra at 12,183 feet in elevation. The views were insane and it literally started snowing on us up at the top! This NC girl was loving having snow on the 4th of July! We got to see some wildlife as well - a Mom and Baby Moose, Deer, Cow and Bull Elk and lots of small animals. The boys loved it, we loved it, it was just magical. The boys skipped rocks in the Colorado River, got their Junior Ranger gear, and their stickers in their National Park Passports.