Day 1 - Travel + Loveland Pass

We started our morning EARLY - like 3:45am early. Let's just say, it made for a long day. Kayden got to fly for the first time, which he loved, minus the mask mandate - thanks COVID. Once we landed in Denver, we hit the ground running. We headed out to Silverthorne, CO where we're calling home for the next few days and regrettably not forever. Once we checked in to the Airbnb, we headed out to Loveland Pass, which is the Continental Divide. I 10000% recommend going there at least once. I've never been so amazed at the beauty of our country. It was so peaceful to be surrounded by a literal masterpiece in the midst of a pandemic, and insanely humbling. I know, I know, that sounds so cliche, but when you've been through so much over the last 5 years and you stand there literally on top of the world and realize that it was God's will that got you here, you'd be humbled too.

When I started my photography business in 2018, I started it on a whim; something to pass the time. I didn't think it would turn into a full blown business, especially in less than a year. By the end of 2019 I knew this was exactly what I needed in life. I needed photography more than it needed me. When 2020 hit, I wanted this to be my year. I wanted to niche down and really focus on traveling, elopements and weddings. But what I wanted to focus on more than anything was my family. Just when everything was looking great for 2020 and that I was going to be able to do just that, COVID hit and completely devastated me. I spent weeks wondering if my business would recover. Weddings were being moved, sessions being canceled, but what I hated more than anything was that all of our family vacations that we had spent so much time and money on went right down the drain. Then I was contacted by an amazing couple to come to Colorado and do exactly what my soul needed. It was too good to be true. Surely there's a catch - I'd be away from my family for a few days, but the trade-off would be that I would get my dream elopement. Then they told me to BRING MY FAMILY. Ya'll, I cried. Not just from excitement but from pure joy. This was the message I needed that my passion wasn't dying and that I could have my cake and eat it too if you will. This was exactly what my heart needed. So enjoy some pictured from our first day (excuse the cell phone photos mixed in), and stay tuned for the elopement coming your way!