I get asked all the time by Brides and Grooms "What's your opinion on First Looks?" Today, I'm going to dive into why I think First Looks are the best thing you can do for your wedding day...

First Looks aren't something that has been around forever with weddings. Traditionally the Groom doesn't see the Bride until she walks down the aisle to say "I Do". I get it - trust me I do -but just like how life changes around us, so does wedding traditions. Before I keep going I want to lead with First Looks aren't for everyone! And that is TOTALLY okay! It doesn't mean you get less out of your wedding day than a couple who includes a First Look. Now that's out of the way, let's dive into why I say "DO IT!"


No really, on your wedding day your privacy is thrown out the window and everyone is going be all in your business and wanting to give you hugs and congratulations and well wishes. It happens, it's normal and it's totally expected! So why not carve out those special minutes for one another and have THAT moment together? Yeah, people will probably want to watch for his reaction when he sees you - because let's be honest, you're going to be stunning and he BETTER cry. Am I right?! - but the amount of people watching will be very limited and easier to contain from a far distance than all around your guests.

*Pro tip - your man may not be an emotional wreck like we naturally are born to be, but on wedding day, his emotions are going to be just as high as yours - if not worse! You know how men don't like to cry in front of people? Well wedding day is no different. Every girl wants that Pinterest Perfect reaction, but he will be more comfortable expressing those real tears without so many eyes on him!

"I just don't want him to not have a good reaction..."

GIRLFRIEND! You are going to be a freaking QUEEN on your wedding day! How is he not going to react!? But I get it, I do. You don't want him to see you before the wedding and then when you walk down the aisle its crickets. Trust me when I say the reaction is just as good when you're coming down the aisle as it is when he sees you during a First Look. That's why I tell my Brides to not be fully put together for First Look. Wearing a veil? Leave it out for the First Look so when he sees you coming down the aisle, you're real dang bride!

Pictures GALORE

First looks open SO many doors and photo opportunities for you both on your wedding day. Think about it, not seeing each other until the ceremony restricts a lot of time that we could be shooting some killer shots of you both together. Sure you have between the ceremony and reception and of course you've got the entire reception, but with that comes lots and lots of guests and having people wait on you to get the party started. By having a First Look before anyone arrives cuts down on photos between the ceremony and reception and allows you to not feel rushed through your photos.

More time to spend with your Bridal Party

Your family and friends take time out of their day to come spend the ceremony and reception with you, but your Bridal Party is your TEAM not only for the entire day, but the entire planning process. Why not come together before the ceremony to make time for additional group photos and to literally live your best life together with them!? As I mentioned before, photos galore, but I freaking mean it! The more time we have with Bride and Groom together, the more time we have for creative outcomes, special photos and to literally celebrate until your hearts content!

"I want that intimate moment, but I don't want him to see me..."

Okay so you're convinced you want those special moments together, but you don't want him to see you still. Okay Sis, I gotchu. Let's do a First Touch then! I place you back to back with a barrier between you and you hold hands, read a letter from each other, pray, have a special moment saying one last "I love you" before you're husband and wife. We can make it happen! The pictures are still storytelling and full of so much emotion, and so is the moment together. Those intimate moments together - seeing each other or not - can create such a special memory for you both to reflect on for years to come.

Hopefully this gave you a little more insight as to what First Looks are and why they can be such an important and special part of your day!

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