What's the difference in eloping and a big wedding?

I've had numerous couples that have had to make some of the hardest decisions a couple should have to make just weeks (and some even days) before what's supposed to be the happiest day of their life - to cancel or not to cancel. I've cried with Brides through this time and listened to them fret over lost money, vendors that can't accommodate new dates, and I've even had to transfer some couples over to my trusted backup photographers. I don't say this lightly, but 2020 has been full of life lessons left and right. So what does that have to do with what the difference in weddings and eloping is? Everything. It has everything to do with it and I'm going to tell you why...

*Before you read this, please know that I am not against big weddings at all. They are just as magical as elopements. This is an educational post about the option of eloping in light of the status of the world and the pressure engaged couples are feeling due to COVID-19.*

Who matters the most.

Most couples dream of a big wedding with an even bigger afterparty - I mean reception. You want everyone who's anyone to you there to celebrate you and your marriage. I mean after all this is the biggest day of your life!

What if I told you they don't have to be there for it to be the biggest day of your life!? I'm not saying don't include your closest family and friends, because eloping doesn't mean you have to secretly get married. Eloping just means you're selective of who joins you in the most intimate, beautiful day of your life. I'm talking 25 people or less intimate. And yes, less can literally be just you two (and me of course to capture your day!)

North Carolina Elopement

Location, Location, Location.

In real estate terms, the location of your elopement is prime real estate. It doesn't have to be on a mountain top in Colorado, or on the coast of Oregon or even anywhere adventurous. The special thing about eloping is that you can literally pick almost anywhere in the world that is special to you and your significant other and promise each other forever. With big weddings you're limited to where you can get married. You spend months finding the perfect venue that will capture the essence you want on your big day. Then you have to spend hundreds of dollars on decor to make it *perfect*.

By choosing to elope, you're letting nature do all of the work for you. You might have to pay certain permits and fees, and you'll still want to get that gorgeous bouquet you've had your eye on since the very beginning, but you don't have to spend tons of money on decor.

Blue Ridge Mountain Elopement

"But I want my family to at least see me get married."

And I totally get that! Having a small, intimate wedding and only including your absolutely closest family and friends is still okay! There are tons of scenic locations around the world that doesn't require hiking or any activity at all. You can still get that intimate, elopement feeling if your family and friends tag along. Let me help you plan that intimate wedding with your family and friends, but still give you that sense of adventure and capture the full experience you want to capture. At the end of the day, what matters is what you and your fiancé want - not what everyone else wants.

North Carolina Elopement

Eloping brings it back to what truly matters; you and your fiancé.

Getting married is not about which color bridesmaid dresses you want or making sure that you have the perfect seating chart laid out. It's about you and what you want. It's about what adventure you want to embark on with your fiancé and where you want to unplug and connect. And the best part about it is I'm trained to help you get there! I help you plan your dream elopement and guide you along the way. From your recommended travel arrangements to a detailed timeline for your perfect elopement to make sure that you have every single thing you want.

North Carolina Elopement

Want to learn more about an elopement experience with me? Check out my elopements page here and let's get started on planning your dream elopement today!