Packages starting at $400.

*Travel fees are NOT included but may apply to any package.*

Many people look at boudoir photography as being taboo, for a significant other, or promiscuous; but boudoir is so much more than that. Boudoir is about finding yourself and being comfortable in your own skin. It's about getting to let loose, have fun and be 110% yourself!

It's expected for you to be nervous or scared. My all-time favorite phrase is "I'm so awkward, you have to guide me!" and guess what! That's what I expect you to feel! The hardest part of boudoir with me is saying yes. Don't believe me? Book one with me and by the end of it you'll see what I mean! From the moment you enter, you're treated like the Queen you are with full hair and makeup to fit your style. Then you're whisked away for your own private session with me where I pose and guide you the entire time. It's really that easy - and fun!

Are you ready to say YES?

Pricing & Packages

The Luxe

1 Hour Hair & Makeup
1 Hour of Shoot Time
All Digital Edits

*Location Fees NOT Included EXCEPT for Pre-Planned Boudie Weekends*


The Bombshell

1 Hour Hair & Makeup
1 Hour of Shoot Time
All Digital Edits & Custom Album

*Location Fees NOT Included EXCEPT for Pre-Planned Boudie Weekends*


The Showstopper

1 Hour Hair & Makeup
Unlimited Shoot Time
All Digital Edits
Custom Album & 5x7 Prints with Print Box

*Not Available for Boudie Weekends*

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Do you provide lingerie?

I don't provide lingerie for boudoir sessions because I believe that if you're confident enough to buy it, you'll be comfortable enough to wear it! Trust me, I know first hand how awkward sessions can be, but I want you to be confident in what you choose to wear!

Is hair and makeup provided?

YES! Professional hair and makeup is included in every boudoir session unless notated otherwise!

Where do you shoot these sessions?

I secure a private location - generally an Airbnb - for your session. I prefer to shoot in houses over studios because you have a less stuffy environment, more options for photos!

Are location fees included in a package price?

Yes and no. I host "Boudie Weekends", which is an entire weekend of back to back boudoir sessions. Location fees ARE included in these weekends since there are so many ladies to help cover the cost!
On the flip side, if you request a session that doesn't fall during a Boudie Weekend, you will be responsible for some - if not all - of the location fees. I typically say to find couple of friends to book as well, or I can contact my waitlist as well.

My friends and I want to book you for a whole day. Can we do that?

OF COURSE! Ya'll these are the BEST girls day! If you're interested in booking my team and I for the Ultimate Girls Day, email me directly! I recommend having at least you plus 3 friends book to make location fees not as expensive and to allow you all ample time to shoot!