*Travel fees are NOT included but may apply to any package.*

Non-refundable retainers are due at contract signing.


Engagement Session
Bridal Portraits
$200 Off Bridal Boudoir
10 Hours Main Photographer Coverage
6 Hours Second Photographer Coverage
Private Online Viewing Gallery



Engagement Session
Bridal Portraits
8 Hours Main Photographer Coverage
4 Hours Second Photographer Coverage
Private Online Viewing Gallery



Engagement Session OR Bridal Portraits
4 Hours Main Photographer Coverage
4 Hours Second Photographer Coverage
Private Online Viewing Gallery



8 Hours Main Photographer Coverage & Assistant Shooter
Private Online Viewing Gallery
*Travel is calculated based on location & fees.*

Starting at $1,800


Do you shoot destination weddings?

Absolutely! Destination Weddings MUST be booked at least 6 months out to allow adequate travel arrangements to be made. Travel fees are NOT included in any package and will be added to the cost of the package.

How do you calculate travel fees?

For both wedding and non-wedding packages, travel fees can include anything from mileage to and from, to airfare and accommodations. A typical breakdown of fees are
~Airfare & Baggage Fees
~Mileage (If within driving distance and I choose to drive instead)
~Accommodations (typically 2 nights, but depends on the length of the event)
~Rental Car (typically 2-3 days)
~$45/day per diem per photographer/assistant that isn't an event day
*Note that this is for EACH photogarapher/assistant that will be in your package. To keep things cost effective, we do generally share a rental car and accomodations. So those fees wouldn't be a per person fee.*

Can we pay for your travel outside of the package?

Of course! Although I require the freedom to pick my flight times and to approve of the accommodations ahead of time. The per diem and the rental car would still be included in the cost of the package, but you're more than welcome to use any travel points to save on the cost of travel for myself and/or second photographer.

Will there be a second shooter at my wedding?

YES! Every package I offer comes with a Second Photographer!

Can I extend the hours on the day of?

If you choose to extend either myself or the second photographer's time on the day of your wedding, payment is due that day in either cash, Paypal or Venmo.
If you want to extend your time during a couples, family or boudoir session, I cannot guarantee extra time due to scheduling. If it's possible, payment will be due at the session for the extra time.

What kind of gear do you use?

Great question! I have a TON of gear, but my go-to equipment is my Canon EOS R with my Tamron 24-70mm lens alongside my Canon 6D with my Sigma Art 35mm. I have plenty of flash and light equipment as well that I will have on me throughout your wedding day. Rain or shine, sunshine or moonlight, we'll be able to capture your day exactly as it is!

Do I have to order prints through you?

Nope! You actually get a print release with each package so you and your family can order prints, albums, canvases, etc, from wherever you choose. I personally recomment mpix.com though!