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I'm probably the world's worst student. I love to learn, but I love to learn on my own terms and by being hands on. I've never really been able to just sit and read something and instantly know how to do whatever it is I was trying to learn - that's why photography is something I'm so passionate about. I'm self-taught and thrive on collaborating and learning with other photographers and even videographers - although I know nothing about videography! 


Photography is a daunting world. It's full of all things technical, endless amounts of resources and creative resources, but with that territory comes photographers who swear by not saying a word about how they do what they do and some who are more than willing to help. Luckily, I'm the latter of the two! I love teaching others and helping any way I can!

Upcoming Workshops

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I love being able to help people - it's my biggest flaw really. But what I love even more than helping is watching people succeed. Photography is something that I adore and value greatly, and I hope that through my work you have been able to do the same! That's why I'm now offering One-on-One Mentor Sessions! 


With mentor sessions designed to fit every beginner's budget, I would love to connect and help you grow just as I have been so blessed to do myself! So drop me some information and let's get this friendship started! 

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